TanDEM-X Science Phase started in October 2014 with the operation of the pursuit monostatic mode. In March 2015 the two satellites will be reconfigured into a formation to acquire data with a large baseline in bistatic mode. (More information and news about the TanDEM-X mission can be found at www.dlr.de/HR/tdmx). For acquisitions in the bistatic mode for the time between April 2015 to September 2015, the DUE DATE for proposal submission is FEBRUARY 06, 2015. The data being delivered for this AO will be free of charge for all approved proposals submitted in due date. Apart from this AO, it should be noted that proposals and new data take requests can be submitted at any time via : https://tandemx-science.dlr.de For further details of the TanDEM-X Science Phase refer to the document available for download at: https://tandemx-science.dlr.de/pdfs/TD-PD-PL_0032TanDEM-X_Science_Phase.pdf For further instructions, how to register as a TanDEM-X Investigator and how to submit a proposal check the TanDEM-X Science Service Manual: https://tandemx-science.dlr.de/pdfs/TD-GS-UM-0115-TanDEM-X-Science-Service-System-Manual_V1.0.pdf Information transmitted by TanDEM-X Science team coordination