Since more than 10 years, after the Waldteufel « Bases de données pour les géosciences » (1999) report, the CNES and the CNRS have driven the creation of thematic data poles to make easier the use of sciences Earth spatial data. The evolution of scientific practices – with apparition of more and… Continue Reading


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Road Map

ForM@Ter is implemented within the framework of the creation of national data poles initiated by the CNES and the CNRS in the field of solid Earth, ocean, atmosphere and land surfaces sciences. Under the Reflection Group recommendations ( Main lines of work  : Line 1 – Governance of the project… Continue Reading


Stucture The Solid Earth pole consists of 3 components: A center of coordination and distribution (CCD) A set of data and service centers (CDS) A set of centers of scientific expertice (CES) Governance ForM@Ter is managed as follow: A setting up committee made of representatives of ForM@Ter partner institutions. This… Continue Reading