The National Observation Service (SNO) ISDeform, in connection with the « pôle de données et de services » ForM@Ter, is looking to hire a physicist in one of the Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe (OSU) partners of the SNO (OSUG-ISTerre, EOST-Institut Terre et Environnement, OSUL-Laboratory of Geology of Lyon, IPGP, OPGC-Laboratory Magma and Volcanoes).

The SNO ISDeform has been created in 2021 from the investment of researchers and engineers in the scientific and technical development of optical and radar satellite imaging processing services for ground deformation measurements. This investment has been coordinated by the Solid Earth data and service pole called ForM@Ter and is integrated in the EPOS (TCS Satellite Data) research infrastructure at the European level. The objective of the SNO is to promote and disseminate satellite ground deformation measurements on the national territory and on other relevant use cases in the “South” in collaboration with IRD (French National Institute – Sustainable Development).


The physicist will be in charge of coordinating one or more SNO actions that are transversal to several OSUs. These transversal actions concern (a) the dissemination of data and products (WP1), (b) the development and maintenance of processing and analysis codes (WP2), (c) the operation of processing chains and services on lage-scale computing infrastructures (WP3), (d) the validation of products and valorisation actions (communication, cooperation training with partners -SNOs, data centres, IRD) In addition, he/she will be responsible for the development and follow-up of structuring projects at the national, European and international levels, and will have to ensure the development of strong links with other SNOs, and with the partner organizations (CNES, IRD, IGN, BRGM). At mid-term, he/she will be the French point of contact for international scientific groups (WInSAR, COMET, CEOS) for the ForM@ter scientific expertise center and for international cooperation programs.

The research project of the candidate will have to be integrated in the host laboratory and be related to the scientific development and exploitation of ground deformation measurements from satellite imagery. The candidate will also have to present a teaching project in connection with the host university.

To know more about this position: Portail Galaxie

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