The new roadmap Kalideos 2015-2019, complementing thematic poles THEIA and ForM@Ter aims to: • Develop collaborations laboratories/companies for applied research, • Promote multi source (optical, radar …) activities, • Promote exchange between digital actors and actors in the space field. The Kalideos project will continue to evolve in the framework of a new industrial call.. […]


COSMO-SkyMed Open call

A call is open by the Italian Space Agency dedicated to the national and international scientific community. The main objective is to stimulate utilization of Earth Observation data acquired by the mission COSMO-SkyMed. Fore more informations concerning this call :


Le satellite Sentinel-1 mesure les déplacements provoqués par le séisme du Népal

Le lancement du premier satellite européen Sentinel-1A en Avril 2014 par le programme Copernicus de la Commission Européenne et l’Agence Spatiale Européenne, concrétise un vaste plan visant à fournir les moyens de suivre depuis l’espace l’évolution du système Terre, depuis l’atmosphère jusqu’à l’intérieur de la croûte terrestre. Adossé à une politique de distribution ouverte des […]


Demande de programmation d’image Spot 6/7 et Pléiades pour scientifiques

Le premier appel à projet pour la demande de programmation d’images Spot 6/7 et Pléiades à destination des scientifiques est ouvert jusqu’au 13 mars 2015. Le Pôle Theia est en charge de recenser les besoins Spot 6/7 pour les scientifiques. Des informations supplémentaires sont disponibles sur le site du pôle Théia: ainsi que l’accès au formulaire de […]


TanDEM-X Bistatic Mode

TanDEM-X Science Phase started in October 2014 with the operation of the pursuit monostatic mode. In March 2015 the two satellites will be reconfigured into a formation to acquire data with a large baseline in bistatic mode. (More information and news about the TanDEM-X mission can be found at For acquisitions in the bistatic […]


Form for the SPOT World Heritage programme

The SPOT World Heritage programme offers SPOT satellites archive imagery over five years old, free of charge to public. ForM@Ter proposes to collect the needs of the solid Earth scientific community in order to submit an application in the name of the pole. For that purpose, a form is available on the ForM@Ter website to […]


Minute of the PEPS meeting (9/01/2015)

Minute of the meeting on the PEPS platform that took place at CNES January 9, 2015 is now available with the pdf presented during the meeting, on the website in the Documents section. The meeting aimed to present the platform and allow communication with a part of the scientific community concerned by Sentinel 1 and […]


Sentinel-1 data and PEPS

The PEPS platform implemented by CNES in coordination with the French stakeholders will help to repatriate all Sentinels-1 data, except Level 0 data, without geographical restriction. In an attempt to meet the needs of the Solid Earth scientific community, a form is made available on the ForM@Ter website (on “Probe” menu) to clarify your needs. […]


PEPS project

PEPS (Plateforme d’Exploitation des Produits Sentinelles: platform operating Sentinel products) is a project implemented by CNES in coordination with French stakeholders. It aims to provide national access to Sentinel products with compatible performance with the needs expressed by users. The platform aims to fill the access deficit at the national level to support the implementation […]